Marie Klos

Marie Klos

Marie Klos completed her Master's degree in IRGP at ZU in 2023 and has since been working as an intern in the Science & Innovation team at the British Embassy in Bern (Switzerland).

What activities does the ZU qualify me for?

"The IRGP Master's program trains students to work in an international environment. The program opens the doors to many different and diverse activities. The interdisciplinary English-language course enables graduates to pursue careers in diplomacy or in international organizations such as the UN, the World Bank or the WHO. Interesting jobs with NGOs, NPOs or in business or political consulting are also possible. A Master's in International Relations can also lead to a career in science, journalism, security or defense, e.g. as an analyst."

How do you work at the interface between business, culture and politics?

"In an embassy, regardless of the team or position, you work at the interface between business, culture and politics. It is part of the daily task to be aware of the cultural environment, of the country you work in, but also of the country you represent with the embassy. Especially in the Science & Innovation team of the embassy, you operate at the interface of many other areas and have to keep an eye on the various influences, such as the current trade relations of the countries, their economic links, but also their cultural roots. The different demands and working approaches of two very different countries with different cultures can be found in the day-to-day work. It is therefore essential to be open, flexible and willing to compromise in order to work successfully at such an interface."

Looking back, what has ZU achieved that another university can't even begin to offer?

"Due to its small size, ZU has the unique opportunity to create a family atmosphere at the university and has therefore also made it possible for students to work closely with professors and therefore immerse themselves much more in certain disciplines. In addition, the other offers, such as the initiatives at the university, have made it possible to network with many former students during your studies and thus gain an insight into various professional fields."

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

"The research and analytical skills that I had to demonstrate again and again throughout my studies are two core competencies that I use again and again in my daily work. In addition, a quick grasp and the ability to know about a specific topic quickly and in detail in a short time and then to be able to present it is something that was repeatedly tested and encouraged during my studies through presentations or research projects. Overall, soft skills, time management, critical thinking and the ability to work in a team with people with very different interests are essential in my current job. These skills are all fostered during my studies. Finally, the opportunity to improve my foreign language skills in Spanish through the language courses at the university helped me to better round off my profile."

What kind of person would you recommend an IRGP degree program to?

"I would recommend the IRGP program to those students who have the urge to get closer to international politics. The program is for people who are motivated to work on questions and problems that have no easy answers and cannot be answered with "right" or "wrong". The course is for people who see the "bigger picture" and who can and want to think critically about and discuss international events. The course is interdisciplinary and people who have broad interests, for example in philosophy, economics and politics, are in good hands with this course."

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