Fritz Trott

Fritz Trott
Fritz Trott

Fritz Trott studied Bachelor Public Management and Economics at ZU. In 2016, he founded Zenjob and has been the managing director of the personnel service provider since then.

To which type of person would you recommend studying at ZU?

"I myself was not clear about what I wanted to do or become one day. ZU helped me to find out. I believe that people with drive and an open mind will find what they are looking for at ZU. I don't think ZU is the right place for people who are otherwise presented with everything on a silver platter, but for seekers with above-average initiative.

Those who are enterprising, have big goals, like to read a lot and think outside the box are definitely right there."

In retrospect, what has ZU achieved that another university cannot even begin to offer?

"ZU made sure not to study in a "subject silo". We have always had to deal with the subjects of culture and economics as well, even though we studied PMG. Not only the people, but also the topics and theories of the other departments meant that we always understood PMG as only part of a whole.

Moreover, ZU was then, and in my understanding still is today, a place that educates you to take responsibility and think for yourself, a place where you lend a hand and help shape things. This is also expected and is part of the curriculum. I would distinguish ZU from other universities as very entrepreneurial and personal. Finally, there is the lakeside location and the young history of the university."

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

"The time was very important, both for my first job in the EU Parliament and for my later steps as a founder.

PMG at ZU was very entrepreneurial from day 1. Not only were we the first cohort, we also studied a lot about models and modern forms of government and welfare states. The impact on economic growth and prosperity through politics and governance was an important topic. At the same time, there were already a lot of lectures and exchanges with entrepreneurs at ZU back then."

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