Claudia Käßner

Claudia Käßner

Claudia Käßner came to ZU in 2015 for a master's degree in General Management after a traditional legal education with two state exams and professional experience as a fully qualified lawyer and attorney. She currently works as an lawyer at White & Case LLP.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

"Studying gave me insights into other approaches to structured thinking and finding solutions. It's enriching to be able to read balance sheets, understand corporate finance, strategic management, and global economic structures."

Why GEMA, exactly?

"To learn how to think laterally across disciplines and other boundaries through a combination of depth and breadth, and to carry interdisciplinarity further."

Looking back, what has ZU accomplished that another university doesn't begin to offer?

"What is outstanding about ZU is that it consciously accepts its students with their respective personalities and backgrounds as they are. It offers and wants to offer them the greatest possible development and growth that is possible alongside the study schedules that have to be adhered to. The feeling of arriving at home, the SEE(hn) addiction to come back again and again, the lived freedom of thoughts and ideas TO live. In this way, I was able to complement pre-formed structures and give new impetus to my non-streamlined life path."

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