Kirsten Coon

Kirsten Coon
Kirsten Coon

Kirsten Coon graduated from Zeppelin University with a Master's degree in Communication & Cultural Management and now works for the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra..

How did the degree prepare her for her current job?

"In my role as Digital Media Coordinator for the Munich Philharmonic, I am the hub of many entities - mediating between artists, lawyers, distribution partners, musicians, conductors, artistic directors, and administration. In addition to specialist knowledge, this requires a high degree of interdisciplinarity - a state cultural enterprise is a complex entity. Zeppelin University deals with the key questions of the culture industry - how do I rejuvenate the audience? How does the cultural enterprise also become economically viable? What new concert formats are conceivable? How do you implement the artistic strategies and energies of an orchestra into the actual operation? At ZU, you develop a multi-layered awareness of these complex challenges, and I recommend studying here to anyone who wants to rethink culture."

Looking back on my ZU days today.

"I associate my time at Zeppelin University with the most moving didactic thought-provoking experiences up to that point. The diversity, the "interdisciplinarity" of the contents - this word is heard inflationary today - here I had the feeling for the first time that it is thought and lived. I remember that I often sat across from people with whom I didn't agree at all. It is insanely stimulating to move out of your own "self-confirming circle" and form new thoughts. Intellectually, Zeppelin University has moved me forward significantly and influenced my worldview."

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