Jule Schröder

Jule Schröder

Jule Schröder studied Communication & Cultural Management at ZU and founded the innovation agency Kill Your Darling together with three friends.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"After 5 years in professional life, I claim that actual study content no longer plays a role in my everyday work. I was much more influenced by the spirit of optimism at ZU, which gave me the feeling that anything was possible. The Whitman quote "Never was more beginning than now" - in front of my eyes every day for 2 semesters, has left its mark.
Particularly instructive was a project that I realized at ZU together with two fellow students in addition to our studies: the participation in the competition "Spirit inspires" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In a very short time, we wrote a concept for marketing and communicating the performance of the humanities for society, set up a budget, won a prize, implemented a marketing campaign, and documented everything with a film and an exhibition - I got a lot out of that."

When I look back on my ZU days today...

"...I remember an insanely inspiring and motivating atmosphere, the feeling of being there at the beginning of something big. Although I finished my studies at another university, the atmosphere and the people I met at the lake still fascinate me today."

Other alumni careers (M.A. in Communication, Culture & Management | CCM)

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