Kristina Theis

Kristina Theis
Kristina Theis

Kristina Theis studierte nach ihrem Bachelor-Abschluss in Kommunikationswissenschaft und Staatswissenschaften CCM im Master an der ZU. Heute arbeitet sie als stellvertretende Leiterin am Theater Rüsselsheim.Kristina Theis studied CCM in her master's degree at ZU after receiving her bachelor's degree in communication studies and political science. Today, she works as an assistant director at Theater Rüsselsheim.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"ZU taught me the different languages of economics, arts, and political science. A theater, in our case as a subdivision of a municipal self-owned enterprise, is always in the field of tension of municipal politics, a reasonable economic efficiency as well as an artistic claim and therefore acts with very different actors in different social systems."

Why CCM exactly?

"The interdisciplinary nature of the program appealed to me. Especially the combination of business and culture with communication, sociology, and politics was in the foreground at the time, because I wanted to deepen my knowledge of society in this regard after my B.A. studies in communication science and political science."

Looking back, what did ZU offer that another university didn't begin to?

"At ZU, I perceived a spirit of "doing", of "just getting started". Everything was always questioned and the search was on for "why not? If something didn't fit, one was advised: "Change it!". Unconventional ideas were given room and tried out. So much so that one even organized seminars as a student. That could be very exhausting because you didn't always want to organize everything yourself. But the atmosphere was motivating and the successes promising. You learned to think beyond boundaries and to pursue goals imaginatively."

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