Julian Leitloff

Julian Leitloff
Julian Leitloff

Julian Leitloff received his Master's degree in Corporate Management & Economics from Zeppelin University and then founded Spontaneous Order GmbH, which includes Stillness. He is currently Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fractal.

What did you learn at ZU that benefits you in your day-to-day work today?

"The experience of being exposed to targeted overload and learning to deal with it. I learned not to be satisfied and was amazed at what is possible in an enabling environment when you are hungry yourself. I learned to work scientifically, to be critical and where to find the best cake in Friedrichshafen (at Höpker)."

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"Not at all, and that was a good thing. The stuff I need for the job I learned from fellow students and the events after university. I hardly need my supposedly practical dual bachelor's degree at all today - you have to learn practice in practice."

Do you find that your ZU studies differ from those of your colleagues who studied at another university, and if so, why?

"ZU is very different. Here, heterogeneous groups collide with each other and are forced to deal with each other - on the one hand, this is, of course, a concept, on the other hand, this is certainly also due to the environment."

Why would you recommend studying at ZU?

"Because of the enabling culture. 'Never was more beginning than now' is written on the facade, and it's true. If you put in the work, you'll get back. In the student body, you don't find that certain lethargy of big universities, nor that exaggerated linear thinking of private cadre schools."

Today, when I look back on my ZU days...

"...I am grateful for the opportunity I was given during my ZU time. I hope it stays that way - but then again, that's somewhat up to future students."

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