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Jens Lennertz

Study Program


Professional Position

Senior Consultant in the M&A Department of the Infrastructure & Cities Sector


Siemens AG

Jens Lennertz studied Corporate Management & Economics at ZU and is now a Senior Consultant in the M&A Department.of the Infrastructure & Cities Sector at Siemens AG in Munich.

How did your studies prepare you for your current occupation?

"My Bachelor's and Master's programs at ZU prepared me for my current occupation at Siemens, both on a professional level and on a human level. On the one hand you need to call on learned skills relating to corporate financing, business valuation, and strategic aspects of M&A schemes, but you also need practical experience like how to stringently form a business plan or how to absorb the considerable contents of a flood of information. On the other hand, because of ZU's interdisciplinary approach I was able to meet a diverse range of people, and this taught me to think in various different ways and not to always look for the standard solution."

When I look back on my time at ZU…

"…I obviously miss the "good times" – the student days with my friends at Lake Constance, the interesting discussions with fellow students and professors or those formative stays abroad in China and the USA. Apart from that I can also look back on a successfully completed chapter of my life – one which, after five years, allowed me to start my next phase in the professional world."



  • BA CME
  • BA CCM
  • BA SPE
  • MA CME
  • MA CCM
  • MA AMC
  • MA DS
  • MA PMD
  • eMA BEL
  • eMA DIP
  • eMA FESH
  • eMA LEE
  • eMA MOBI
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