Nora Hodeige

Nora Hodeige
Nora Hodeige

Nora Hodeige completed her CCM master's degree at ZU in 2013 and is now a holistic health coach and founder of the online company "Leben mit ohne".

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"Above all, studying at ZU trained my thinking and comprehension of situations and circumstances. On the one hand, the atmosphere of the enabling culture at ZU has strengthened in me the understanding that everything is doable - and on the other hand, I have been constantly confronted with the topic of entrepreneurship/entrepreneurship at ZU, be it through the stories of and about other students who have already founded companies - or also through events such as Tatendrang and the opportunity to try out and develop oneself in projects. ZU is characterized by people who put their ideas into practice, be it in founding their own companies or in implementing projects for other students. This impressed me and later encouraged me to take this step as well."

Why CCM exactly?

"I am at home in the media world - if only because of the family business. After my little excursion into Islamic Studies in my bachelor's degree, I wanted to turn to more worldly things again, and the combination of culture and media in combination with management was just right for me."

Looking back, what did ZU offer that another university didn't begin to?

"ZU is full of opportunities and filled with students who have wonderful ideas, clear thoughts, and strong personalities. Engaging with others, having the opportunity to practice independence through projects, and trying yourself out in many ways are absolute cornerstones of ZU for me - and have challenged, shaped, and strengthened me."

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