Christopher Owen

Christopher Owen
Christopher Owen

Christopher Owen completed his master's degree in CCM after completing his BA in art history at ZU. Today, as Head of Marketing, he manages the marketing of the products of the social start-up Lemonaid Beverages in Hamburg.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"In terms of content, there was little overlap between what I learned in my studies and what I do professionally today. At the same time, I know that what I do today and what I burn for would never have been possible without my studies at ZU. I learned that a problem never has only one cause and accordingly never only one solution, that failure is not to be seen as a failure but as learning success and how much energy can arise when enthusiastic people meet."

Why exactly CCM?

"After completing my BA in Art History, it was incredibly important to me in choosing my Masters not to completely lose sight of the old. So to add the dimensions of politics and economics to something cultural studies sounded good - all this in a university that sees lateral entrants and dissenters as a high asset - so the decision was quickly made."

Looking back, what has ZU accomplished that another university doesn't even begin to offer?

"At ZU, an incredible number of different impulses come together and fall on a breeding ground of inquisitive, non-conformist, and different people. This creates friendships, endless discussions, but above all great ideas and new perspectives. No matter whether the lake is currently shrouded in fog or the sun is shining."

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