Thomas Diehl

Thomas Diehl
Thomas Diehl

Thomas Diehl completed his SPE studies at ZU in 2017. Today, he is not only a managing partner at the Diehl family winery but also works for a digital consultancy in Berlin and a private bank in Zurich.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"The time at Zeppelin University strengthened my skills of structured thinking and reflection, which helps me today to consider all perspectives before making decisions. Furthermore, studying together with many strong characters helped me to develop healthy self-confidence and yet continuously critically question my actions."

Today, when I look back on my ZU days...

"... I remember impressive people who encouraged me to always strive and continuously develop; to this day, these people accompany and enrich my professional and private life. Zeppelin University is not a static place; rather, it is a dynamic system that is animated, developed, and evolved by the people who belong to it. It is an ecosystem of people who have recognized and accepted their responsibility to society."

Why SPE?

"I was curious and didn't want to limit myself to one discipline or school of thought. With the Sociology, Politics & Economics major, I had the opportunity to explore issues from different perspectives. I've retained this lack of discipline to this day and, in addition to being the managing partner of our family winery, I work for a digital consultancy in Berlin and a private bank in Zurich."

What kind of person would you recommend studying SPE to?

"You should be able to cope with being trained as a generalist who has a broad - rather than specialized - knowledge. I'm convinced that our generation needs to be able to think adaptively and act agilely and proactively in light of the challenges of the present and future, rather than reacting to problems with encrusted structures and old theories."

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