Dr. Marcel Megerle

Dr. Marcel Megerle
Dr. Marcel Megerle

After completing his bachelor's degree in CME at ZU, Dr. Marcel Megerle developed and subsequently studied Europe's first master's degree program in eMA FESH and is a founding student member of the Friedrichshafen Institute for Family Business (FIF).

In a leading position in a consulting firm specializing in family businesses and as managing director of the Multi-Family-Office of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe, he has applied and further developed his research knowledge many times. In 2019, he founded FUTUN: FamilienUnternehmerTUN GmbH in Zurich - a collective of consultants with whom he now strengthens entrepreneurial families in their grandchildren's ability.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"Questioning the existing, perceiving the world systemically in the space between, and examining challenges holistically - that was essential in my studies and still is today. The diversity experienced at ZU and the high quality standards continue to make it a premise for me to find solutions that are unconventional and thus truly sustainable. Co-creating value(s) that contribute to the well-being and benefit not only on an individual or corporate level, but also on a societal level - that is indispensable today from my point of view and has been at ZU from the very beginning."

Looking back on my ZU days today...

"...it was an enriching time for me in many different ways. Even today, I associate the years with inspiring people and the gratitude for all the things I was able to experience and do with them. I also remember the freedom to rethink everything that existed in the sense of Schumpeter and to be able to make a difference as a student, for example in the co-design of a new degree program or in the further development of student organizational consulting. In one sentence: A magical place where I grew fond of many people and where I acquired the tools that today form one of the essential foundations of the FUTUN:Werkraum. Inspired by Graf Zeppelin, we work there as "pioneers of a new age"."

Other alumni careers (B.A. in Corporate Management & Economics | CME, Executive Master for Family Entrepreneurship | eMA FESH)

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